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Grief Truths That Set You Free

May 6, 2021

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Welcome to my blog. I'm Rachel and I'm glad you're here. If your heart is hurting after loss, I want to help you heal. 

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With so many misunderstandings about grief, it’s important to talk about not just the myths, but also the truths. Here are 5 truths about grief you need to know if you want healing after loss.

Grief is not evidence of what is wrong with you, it’s evidence of what is right with you. Your pain is not a disorder, illness, or deficiency. It’s your humanness overflowing.

Don’t allow a confused culture to tell you that how you feel is ‘not right’. It’s more than right. It’s love.

Grief is individual. It doesn’t follow a perfect, predictable path. No matter what path your grief takes, it’s the right path.

Giving yourself permission to grieve authentically has far more value than comparing your grief to some arbitrary analysis. Your energy is better spent on feeling and healing.

Time does not contain some magic ability to heal your heart. It’s simply a logistic. Your actions are what matter.

Healing is a participatory process and, although time is a factor, your choices are ultimately what determines your healing.

And this is good news because it means healing isn’t up to fate or luck – it’s up to you.

Grief is not a permanent emotional condition, it’s a season. There is healing after loss if you want it.

Healing doesn’t mean you never feel longing, sadness, or confusion – it just means that you have learned to have more power over your pain than it has over you.

It’s ok if you have no idea how to move forward after loss. Like all life skills, healing skills are learned.

The best decision you can make in grief is to ask for help. Find someone with evidence of healing in their life and learn from them. Pull in a support system with no apologies.

Don’t wander through grief alone when there are others who can walk with you. Save yourself from more pain by getting the guidance you need. You are in enough pain already.

Want to learn more about how to heal after loss? Download this FREE grief guide.

Did any of these truths speak to you? How have they changed your petrspective?

Email me at Rachel@thegriefgal.com with your insights. I’d love to know.

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I'm Rachel, The Grief Gal

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Helping people heal after loss is my passion. After my baby girls died, I promised them I'd learn how to heal my heart and share what I learned with everyone who wanted to heal too. After more than a decade of learning, healing, and living after loss, I'm making good on my promise...

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