Work with me to get real support and a roadmap to heal emotionally and physically after loss

The Heal Your Heart 1:1 Program

Discover how to heal and thrive, not just cope and survive, after loss.


Get clarity from misinformation and eliminate confusion.


Support your emotional and physical health during a season of grief.


Feel validated, hopeful, and no longer alone in your pain.


Imagine if you could

I have spent over a decade learning what actually helps hurting hearts heal. I know this way works better because it healed my heart after loss. What I learned has also helped so many others heal too. You don't have to figure it out on your own. I can show you how.

You are not the only one who doesn't know where to begin after loss. The best decision you can make right now is to ask for help - the right kind of help. The truth is, traditional grief therapy doesn't work. That's why I created a better way for you to heal after loss

Do you want to heal after loss but don't know how? Have you tried traditional therapy and it didn't help? The Heal Your Heart Program is just what you need.

Clarity - remedy confusion and overwhelm with truth and action steps 

Support - you are not alone! I am with you every step of the way

Emotional Energy - you'll be able to get out of bed and face the day, everyday

Hope - healing is possible and I'll show you how

There is a better way through your pain to the lasting healing I know is possible after loss. Grief is not forever. No matter where you are in your grief journey, you will gain life-changing value from this one-of-a-kind program created specifically to help you heal after loss. You'll experience...

Guided, personalized, and Holistic support to help you heal your heart after loss

The Heal your heart 1:1 program


You'll learn practical and tangible skills that help you continue to cultivate healing in your heart and life even after the program is over.

Healing that lasts

Because loss effects every area of life, healing must take place in every area of life. A holistic approach is the most effective way to achieve healing.

Holistic and Effective

I take into consideration your unique personality, history, circumstances, and type of loss to create the best plan for you and your heart.

Personalized Guidance

Traditional 45 minutes session don't allow enough time to get in the flow. 75 minute sessions allow more flexibility and progress.

Longer sessions

You want to hurt forever

You want to navigate loss all alone

You want to remain exhausted and depleted

You want to stay stuck in your pain

it's not for you if...

You want healing that lasts a lifetime

You want support and encouragment

You want to restore your emotional energy

You want clarity to end your overwhelm

it's for you if...

Via phone or zoom

1-on-1 Support

the details

Still curious?

My passion is helping you heal after loss. I'm a grief expert, emotional well-being specialist, and life-after-loss coach.

More importantly, I've been where you are now - overwhelmed by grief, tired of hurting, and sick of therapy and support groups that didn't help.

With thirteen years of experience under my belt helping others (any myself) through grief, I created the HEAL YOUR HEART PROGRAM.

You'll learn the skills, tools, and insights not taught in traditional therapy that make healing after loss possible.

Don't believe the lie that grief is forever. Healing is possible after loss and I can show you how.

Rachel Tenpenny

Meet your mentor

The Program

Validation for your courage and honesty

A judgement-free safe space to share your feelings

100% confidentiality guaranteed

As much time as you need to tell your whole story

The program begins by telling your story. Take as much time as you need to share everything you want me to know about your loss. Understanding your story is essential to creating the most effective support plan for you. You'll get...

Tell your story

SEssion 1-2

Healing recipes and supplements

A restorative diet/exercise plan

How to navigate different self-care seasons

Giving yourself permission to self-care

Holistic healing plans leave nothing out. I'll help you develop a protocol for self-care - nutrition, rest, and exercise - to support your well-being and strengthen you emotionally and physically for the healing road ahead. We'll discuss...

Support your healing 

sessions 3-4

Why your feelings are where you begin, not where you end

How to restore and protect your emotional energy

How to figure out what you need, not just how you feel

Why understanding yourself first fosters healing

Healing starts with your identity, not your loss. We will dive deep into discovering who you are and how your life has shaped your grief filter to cultivate a support plan that meets all your needs.  I'll explain...

Cultivate Self-Awareness 

Session 5-7

Create a life-after-loss map to navigate healing for life

Express your heart in words, written and spoken

Identify anything unsaid

Examine your relationship with your loss

With a support system in place and a better understanding of who you are and what you need, you'll be ready to examine your loss, articulate your heart, and lift the burden of all that is left unsaid. We will...

Give Your Heart a Voice

Sessions 9-12

I know how much courage it takes to reach out for support after loss. That is why I guarantee a call with me will provide you with real encouragement during this difficult season and instant healing tools sent straight to your inbox the minute our call ends, no matter how you decide to move forward. Your heart matters to me and I'd never leave you empty handed during such a difficult time. So book your encouragement call today. Support is waiting.

no obligation guarantee

take advantage of my

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In their own words...


J. M. -Fayettville, NC

Rachel was instrumental in providing me with tools and resources I greatly needed during some of the darkest seasons of my life. Her compassion, encouragement, and knowledge regarding emotional health and grief resilience changed me. She helped me find the strength and courage to move forward and work through the pain. Rachel also helped me change my mindset about the role of food and nutrition in self-care. 

I am forever thankful for her help and counsel.

D. J. - San diego, ca

Rachel has been refined by fire. She has walked through the most painful of circumstances, more than once. She has compassion, empathy, and strength that have come from living and healing through loss. Rachel has talked with me through several life situations and losses. I also deal with depression and she has shown me hope even in the darkest moments.

God has given her a gift in helping people heal. 

J. C. -Ojai, CA

I am thankful for the emotional support and guidance Rachel offered me after my husband had an affair and left. My pain was deep and at times seemed unbearable. I am feeling better, stronger, and more powerful. The nutritional supplements and teas she suggested helped me significantly. With time, and Rachel’s warm heart and help, I am hopeful I will feel whole again.       

What I appreciate most is her multifaceted approach.

It is deeply painful to watch someone you love hurting, especially when you are unsure how to help them. I can give you the tools and insights you need to be a better support to a hurting loved one. If you work with hurting people regularly in your job or organization, I can help you to acquire the skills you need to turn your good intentions into effective care and comfort.

I'm not grieving, but someone I love is, can you help me help them?

Loss comes in many forms. If your heart is hurting for any reason - traditional or untraditional, tangible or intangible, present or past, simple or complex - I can help you. You don't have to have a so called traditional loss to work with me. If you are carrying around unresolved pain for any reason, I can equip you to heal your heart and support you every step of the way.

My Loss isn't a death or Divorce, can I still work with you? 

Much of the information available about healing after loss is inconsistent, antiquated, and down right incorrect. I've spent more than a quarter of my life seeking out the truth about what heals to offer support, tools, and a plan instead of unhelpful talk therapy or generic and vague advice.

How is what you teach different?

I am not a therapist. I'm an educator and mentor who applied more than a decade of personal healing experience after the deaths of my baby daughters in 2008 to guide others through loss to healing. My highly effective programs, courses, and retreats are the result of years of learning and practicing what works to heal after loss.

Are you a liscensed therapist?

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