I'll personally guide you through the HEAL YOUR HEART PROGRAM via live video sessions to support you every step of the way so you can gain clarity, restore your emotional energy, and no longer feel alone after loss.

learn the steps you need to take to heal your heart after loss


1-on-1 Support

1-on-1 Program

Get the same support and guidance as the 1-on-1 program in the company of others who want to heal their hearts, restore hope, and not feel alone. This program is so much more than a support group!

Learn the steps you can take to heal your heart after loss in an online Group setting.


gROUP program

Group program

*****COMING SOON*****
A self-guided version of the HEAL YOUR HEART PROGRAM that will teach you how to heal your heart after loss at your own pace.

Learn the steps you can take to heal your heart after loss in this self-guided format


hope and healing

Self GUided Course


J. M. -Fayettville, NC

Rachel was instrumental in providing me with tools and resources I greatly needed during some of the darkest seasons of my life. Her compassion, encouragement, and knowledge regarding emotional health and grief resilience changed me. She helped me find the strength and courage to move forward and work through the pain. Rachel also helped me change my mindset about the role of food and nutrition in self-care. 

I am forever thankful for her help and counsel.

D. J. - San diego, ca

Rachel has been refined by fire. She has walked through the most painful of circumstances, more than once. She has compassion, empathy, and strength that have come from living and healing through loss. Rachel has talked with me through several life situations and losses. I also deal with depression and she has shown me hope even in the darkest moments.

God has given her a gift in helping people heal. 

J. C. -Ojai, CA

I am thankful for the emotional support and guidance Rachel offered me after my husband had an affair and left. My pain was deep and at times seemed unbearable. I am feeling better, stronger, and more powerful. The nutritional supplements and teas she suggested helped me significantly. With time, and Rachel’s warm heart and help, I am hopeful I will feel whole again.       

What I appreciate most is her multifaceted approach.