Get support and a plan to get through the holidays after loss

Holiday help is here

Use what you learn to support your heart well beyond the holidays. 


Prepare for the triggers and unique challenges of the holiday season.


Learn the importance of nutrition and self-care during the holidays.


Feel validated, get support, and eliminate holiday season dread.


Imagine if you could

My SURVIVE THE HOLIDAYS AFTER LOSS MINI PROGRAM offers support for your heart in 4  sessions of one-on-one time to equip you to navigate the holidays and create a plan you can use now and forever. Give your heart the holiday support it needs after loss. Sign up for holiday help now!

Grief, loss, and other really hard things can make the anticipation of the holidays unbearable, I've been where you are and I know how overwhelming it can feel. I also know there is a better way to face the holidays after loss. Triggers, emotional pain, and loneliness do not have to be your holiday reality.

Does loss have you dreading the holidays?

Create new holiday traditions to honor your loss

Set appropriate boundaries to accomodate your emotional needs 

Establish a self-care plan to support your well-being

Eliminate dread as the holidays approach

Losing a loved one doesn't mean you have to lose the holidays too. It is possible to not just survive the holidays, but even grow to love the holidays again, after loss. You'll learn the steps you can take to now to:

It is possible to survive the holidays after loss

THE Help for the holidays mini program


The Program

Validation for your courage

Tools to help you express yourself

Confidentiality guaranteed

Face-to-face attention via video chat

The program begins by spending the first hour telling me about who you are, your loss, your unique circumstances, and your heart.  Understanding your story will set the foundation for the support plan we create together. You'll get...

Tell your story

session 1

Supplement suggestions and recipes

A restorative diet/exercise plan

How grief affects you physically

The importance of self-care

All good support plans start with the basics. I'll help you develop a protocol for self-care - nutrition, rest, and exercise - to support your holiday heart and strengthen you emotionally and physically. You'll learn...

Support your health

Session Two

The phases of healing

Your responsibility for your heart

The valuable role of feelings

Misconceptions about grief

Together we will discuss the misinformation surrounding grief and loss, how to restore joy and peace to the holidays after really hard things, and why you don't have to grieve forever if you don't want to, You'll discover...

Unlearn and relearn 

session three

A follow-up phone call

A plan for triggers

An emotional support plan

A self-care plan

Using everything we learned together, I'll help you develop a healing plan to continue to guide you through the holidays and beyond after our time together ends. It will include...

Complete your plan

session four

In their own words...


J. M. -Fayettville, NC

Rachel was instrumental in providing me with tools and resources I greatly needed during some of the darkest seasons of my life. Her compassion, encouragement, and knowledge regarding emotional health and grief resilience changed me. She helped me find the strength and courage to move forward and work through the pain. Rachel also helped me change my mindset about the role of food and nutrition in self-care. 

I am forever thankful for her help and counsel.

D. J. - San diego, ca

Rachel has been refined by fire. She has walked through the most painful of circumstances, more than once. She has compassion, empathy, and strength that have come from living and healing through loss. Rachel has talked with me through several life situations and losses. I also deal with depression and she has shown me hope even in the darkest moments.

God has given her a gift in helping people heal. 

J. C. -Ojai, CA

I am thankful for the emotional support and guidance Rachel offered me after my husband had an affair and left. My pain was deep and at times seemed unbearable. I am feeling better, stronger, and more powerful. The nutritional supplements and teas she suggested helped me significantly. With time, and Rachel’s warm heart and help, I am hopeful I will feel whole again.       

What I appreciate most is her multifaceted approach.

It is deeply painful to watch someone you love hurting, especially when you are unsure how to help them. I can give you the tools and insights you need to be a better support to a hurting loved one. If you work with hurting people regularly in your job or organization, I can help you to acquire the skills you need to turn your good intentions into effective care and comfort.

I'm not grieving, but someone I love is, can you help me help them?

Loss comes in many forms. If your heart is hurting for any reason - traditional or untraditional, tangible or intangible, present or past, simple or complex - I can help you. You don't have to have a so called traditional loss to work with me. If you are carrying around unresolved pain for any reason, I can equip you to heal your heart and support you every step of the way.

My Loss isn't a death or Divorce, can I still work with you? 

Much of the information available about healing after loss is inconsistent, antiquated, and down right incorrect. I've spent more than a quarter of my life seeking out the truth about what heals to offer support, tools, and a plan instead of unhelpful talk therapy or generic and vague advice.

How is what you teach different?

I am not a therapist. I'm an educator and mentor who applied more than a decade of personal healing experience after the deaths of my baby daughters in 2008 to guide others through loss to healing. My highly effective programs, courses, and retreats are the result of years of learning and practicing what works to heal after loss.

Are you a liscensed therapist?

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